Who Wants to Use Video?

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Great!  Let me help you to learn the skills fast.

Many people now have a high resolution video camera available on their mobile phone, yet the skills required to get the best from the camera are not necessarily available.

Often when using a video camera you see the results back later, and they are not as professional looking as you wanted, and you can’t work out why.

You may have found the skills you want to learn are hard to come by, as finding a suitable mentor to teach you what you want to know are hard to find. Perhaps the biggest problem is not knowing what you need to learn, or not knowing what you don’t know!

You are not alone. There are many Entrepreneurs, Small businesses, CEO’s of large companies, and virtually every other type of professional who need the skills talking to video.

You may need to present a kickstarter idea for funding, or perhaps present a concept to someone on the other side of the World. Yet you freeze when you need to speak to camera.


Does this sound familiar to you?

The skills to making great films can be learned. The good news is the basics can be learned quite quickly if you find a specialist who has experience in the field.

As a professional you have likely spent 10,000 hrs to master your chosen career. Why not spend a few days over a weekend learning what to do and how to control yourself when you want to speak to camera?

A keen amateur can spend over £5k on video gear, yet there is no subbstitute for experience and guidance from a professional.

There is a lot of information out there, of course, yet like any profession the business has its own language to learn. Without that knowledge you can be mystified at what the person is talking about!

It’s also quite possible you are a little confused by some of the conflicting ‘advice’ that is out there, and the jargon used. It can be also be hard to tell which courses are actually run by professional film makers, and just by those who have just graduated and have no real world experience..

If you are going to invest time and valuable resources into learning something then you want to make sure the person teaching has the experience.

There are people out there who have never actually worked in the business, yet are trying to teach other people!

What you need is someone who has worked in TV and film, and who has a wealth of experience to draw from, anecdotes and stories that illustrate a point, and who has had a book written and published on the subject.

If this sounds interesting to you, I have a series of workshops setting up around the UK.

Let me know if this is interesting. In the meantime there is more information available here if you click on the picture below…This now takes you to the EPICS Academy website

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